Fat Channel Integration with the Presonus StudioLive 24 Series III

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brian mcadoo says:

I'm going to enjoy this series. I've had my eye on the StudioLive desks for a while and I can see that they have now taken it to another level. However, there are no inserts, so is there a work around to incorporate hardware compressors. Also can you bypass the on board pres? Thanks Joe.

Jason Covington says:

Hey Joe! Your videos are great. Question, that fat channel integration is only for Series III right? What about Legacy products such 1602?

Rob Fulco says:

Joe. You are killing me. I am a long time PT user. Been using Studio One a lot lately (not 100% tho). You keep giving me more reasons to switch completely. Presonus is doing what Avid stopped doing and Digidesign use to do.

Joe Dillingham says:

I've got a question. You have that mic right in front of your face, so why not use that as the source audio for this video? Or perhaps a blend of that mic and whatever you are using now? Not trying to be a butthole, just curious. I love the channel.

Fan of a Fan says:

Thank you for this man! Dropping some cool knowledge

RJ Enriquez says:

I own that same mixer Joe, and the Fat Channel integration is great to dial a quick good sound for the artists.  That also boosts their confidence and may even come up with a better performance.  Also, the fact that you no longer need to give up two channels for playback is gold.  You can now playback through the Tape input (USB 37-38).  Great video and explanation! THANK YOU.

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