Cubase – Pro Audio Engineer’s Opinion and Hints

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Cubase – Pro Audio Engineer’s Opinion and Hints. DAW. How to Choose DAW. Digital Audio Workstation. Cubase 9. Steinberg. VST. VSTi. MIDI. Mixer. Editing. Recording. Music Writing. Cubase Review. Cubase VST32. Cubase SX. Cubase SX3. Cubase 5. Cubase 8. Cubase 8.5 Pro Tools. Cool Edit Pro. How to Setup workspace. Inserts. Faders. Sends. How to Edit in Cubase. Events. Fade In. Fade Out. Mouse Wheel. How to Listen to the Sound. How to Do Comparison. AB Comparison. How to Make Your Own Template. How to Organize a Mixer. How to Speed Up Mixing. Post Fader. Prefader. Cubase Channel Strip. Native Instruments. Steven Slate Digital. Softube. Universal Audio. Waves. UAD. UAD-2. How to Create AUX bus. How to send to Reverb. How to Apply Reverb. How to Copy Plugins. Stereo or Mono Plugins. Visibility. Zones. VCA. What DAW to Choose. Cubase Pros and Cons. Pros & Cons. VC 2A. CLA-76. How to Setup a Compressor. 1176 Settings. How Much to Compress. MIDI Keyboard. Fly on the Wall. Bypass. Pop-Up Button. Stop a Mouse Cursor to Bypass. Dark Design of DAW. MIDI Key Editor. Howto Bypass All Plugins. History in the Mixer. Cubase Bugs. Instrument Track. Piano. Synth. Chords Notes. Velocity. Sampler Control. Sampling. Chord Pads. Chord Editing. Sus4. Maj7. DAW Insire. Inspiration. Bounce. Fast Audio Mixdown. Locators. Zoom In. Zoom Out. MIDI to Audio. Export. Format. Real-Time Export. Pool. Wave File. Waveform. Render in Place. Automation. Weak Sides of Cubase. Disadvantages of Cubase. Sitting in the Mix. Jumping Out. Automation Bar. Automation Points. How to Write Automation. Rounding Out Points. Rounding Out of Automation. Snare Automation. Auto-Touch. Best DAW. How to Organize Plugins. External Plugin. How to Use Outboard Gear. How to Connect Outboard Gear to DAW. SSL. Solid State Logic. How to Learn DAW. Mac PC Windows.

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Hassan Rida says:

it was a coincidence how i watched a video for andrew on youtube, i liked the way how he explains everything, i am from Lebanon and now attending his course on skype, and i think it is the best, you just can't find anything on the internet that can replace this course especially talking about the teaching methodology made by andrew.

wilfred verbeek says:


i have a quistion about hardware rc 300 looper, can i connect it in a proper way

vijay kumar says:

can u share the course details?

Abhishek Narayan Acharya says:

Fantastic. Let me show my gratitude to you sir by thanking you for your time that you chose to spare for us, making this video and some other videos like this one 🙂
I am definitely going to check out other videos of yours and would consider taking the course.

maloy das says:

I am Mac from india and interested
could you please provide me more updates about your courses
My Address:

flat5sharp11 says:

Re: The need to make an A/B comparison fast. Maybe a workaround is to use the new mixer history function to jump back and forth between the two mixer scenes?

Никонор Попкинс says:

to concentrate on ears (sound) you should just close your eyes with your hand, or with that special cotton glasses for sleeping. or you can concentrate your eye attention on some small dot on monitor or somwhere. this is kinda simple to give mind attention to your ears

Hart Party says:

Awesome, thank you.

Ko Cho says:

It's the most informative video on youtube about Cubase 9 features.

Steve Stern says:

I use Cubase 9 and Pro Tools 12. In Cubase you can't move tracks around in the mixer window,only in the edit window. In Pro Tools you can which is very useful. I don't understand why Steinberg don't fix this

Max Head says:

23:30 ABSOLUTELY agree!!! They should fix it!!
26:05 – Fun bug))

Joseph Paul says:

Youre the REAL DEAL friend. Appreciate the time, effort and tips you put into this video.

You earned a subscriber!

Rewind Remix NCS says:

love the vids

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