This was a Big Week, it was all about Mixing Low End… more specifically mixing Kick & Bass. ►► Enter to win a Mixing Bundle here: We did 2 LIVE Q&A’s, mixing kick and bass in hiphop and showed you some low end mixing tricks from Ulrich Wild, Cameron Webb and myself! There were a ton of great questions, some of which I couldn’t get to during the live Q&A’s. Today’s video is a roundup of all of your questions about low end, kick drum and bass guitar. L1 Ultramaximizer L2 Ultramaximizer Here are the videos, live [More]
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T-Racks.VST : Empty.250.VST : Antares Autotune Evo VST : —————————- —————————————– —————————————————– Every Free VST Plugin You Need For Mixing Perfect Vocals | LANDR … Mastering voices in Cubase 5 + download all vst plugins free – YouTube Over 90 Free VST Effects Plugins – Music & Audio Tutorials – Tuts+ Voxengo: VST Plugins, AU Plugins, AAX Audio Plugins, Download Mastering Vocals in Cubase 5 – YouTube Studio Quality Vocals In Cubase 5 – Mastering ( Using … – YouTube MASTERING VOCALS IN CUBASE 5 2016 – YouTube Cubase Mixing And Mastering Tutorial (Highly Anticipated) – YouTube [More]
MixbusTV T-SHIRT: Mixing Tricks: Mastering & Loudness: Hadrware vs Plugins: DONATE: In this video David shows us a mixing trick to position elements in and instruments in space, front to back, different distance and position left and right from the listener while keeping them in the same room. A simple yet effective 3D positioning trick done with stock plugins and clever routing which requires very lil CPU power and allows you to share not only the same reverb for many instrument but the positioning matrix itself, and route the audio coming out to other effects [More]
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