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Today I am going to show you a few songwriting tips on writing lyrics. These are tips anyone can use to help them write great lyrics. I worked really hard to finish this video by Tuesday, and had some setbacks. I am out of town and do not have most of my recording equipment, so the audio is a little lame. I also didn’t have my tripod, so there are some camera shakes. But overall I hope you can get some useful ideas out of it! Thanks for watching!
How to Write a Song like Pink Floyd… This week I listened to nothing but Pink Floyd and tried to write a similar rock song. I listened to their classics such as Dark Side of the Moon which is considered their most popular and influential album. I also had The Wall and Wish You Were Here rotating through my CD player while going from gig to gig. I studied the rhythm section led by Nick Mason, the guitar work of David Gilmour, as well as the glue of the band – Richard Wright on keys and synthesizer. I chose to [More]
On today’s episode of Advanced Rap Tips, we cover a single tip on how to become a better writer by improving the quality of the content in your punchlines. I go over a simple writing formula that you can change and modify to your liking. If there are any other rap tips you’d like me to cover, please let me know in the comments! ⇛⇛ Support us by shopping at Amazon: ⇚⇚ ⇨ Get a FREE month & audiobook at! ⇦ ★☆★ Try my FREE online course! ★☆★ Perfect Song Structure and Beat Selection!: ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE [More]
In this i’m answering a question sent to me on Facebook by Sean. He wanted to know about the Melodic Math approach to songwriting used in pop music by Max Martin and others. So this lesson is all about the Melodic Math approach, what it is, and how we can use it in our own songwriting. If you’d like to read the one of the main interviews that I used as a source then click the link below. If you liked this video you can find more songwriting tips and songwriting lessons on the Art of Songs channel. If [More]
Hit Songwriter Marty Dodson joins Michael for a tour de force episode loaded with Country Songwriting tips, techniques, and insider info straight from Music Row! Recorded on 9/26/16 Recorded on 9/26/16 – Captured Live on Ustream at
Learn some tips on writing the most important piece of any song in this free video clip, the lyrics. Expert: David Jackel Bio: As a singer, David Jackel knows the dire effects that a cold can have on his ability to perform. Filmmaker: David Jackel
hope these help ! skip to 14:09 if you’re only here for the tips ! x totv: blue man group – npr tiny desk concert (especially ‘the forge’) x thanks for watching love, lewis x twitter: levvis_ instagram: levvis jack johnson – banana crumpets x
Happy Monday! We’ve been recording all day so thought we’d take a break and film a quick vlog about a few tips on how to write songs. Hope you enjoy 🙂 We might have to come back and re-do a more comprehensive guide one of these days lol! New music coming June 8th! Get my new book, More Than Liked, on Amazon: My goal for you is that by the end of the book, you will feel empowered, secure and confident in staying true to your best self and in who God created you to be…regardless of how many [More]