Trap Beat in Pro Tools 12 using Falcon and Nexus
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In this tutorial, aimed at beginner and intermediate Pro Tools users, we take a look at a variety of keyboard and workflow shortcuts including: Trim clip start to cursor Trim clip end to cursor Fade In Fade Out Crossfade Creating reverb sends Displaying and editing automation lanes Adding automation breakpoints at the same level as the next or previous Repeat paste to fill selection Common uses of the Option, Shift and Command keys Mac vs Windows modifiers: Command = Control Option = Alt Control = Start Shift = Shift
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** SKIP TO DESIRED SECTIONS USING TIMESTAMPS BELOW: ** This video will help you get familiarized with the RAVEN for Pro Tools software and walk you through the basic features. System Preferences Configuration – 0:38 RAVEN MTX or MTi Applications – 1:33 Pro Tools Setup – 2:29 RAVEN Internal/External Mixer – 5:09 RAVEN Internal Mixer Alignment Procedure – 5:31 RAVEN Faders – 7:25 Banking – 8:34 Icon Palette – 9:09 Controlling Plugins – 10:02 RAVEN Sends – 12:06 Selecting Tracks – 12:22 Solo/Mute Tracks – 12:41 Automation – 12:56 Pro Tools Edit Window – 13:20 RAVEN Toolbar Tools – 13:33 [More]
SUSCRÍBETE!! SIGUEME EN TWITTER!! ——————————­­­——-­———————­-­-­————–­————­–­–­—— En este vídeo os explico cómo solucionar posibles problemas que pueda aparecer con el pro tools, como por ejemplo el reloj de audio. Con la diversas instalaciones que podemos hacer solucionaremos futuros problemas. Siempre desde mi propia experiencia! Espero haberos ayudado! Si teneis alguna duda comentad!!! y os intentare solucionar cualquier problema!! Un Saludo!!
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This is a detailed video showing how to Rout Audio in Pro Tools and have complete control over your mix. You will learn to route audio using buses, aux inputs, sends, audio tracks and more. Want to stay connected more often? Subscribe to my email list on my site at Like on FaceBook at Follow on Twitter at All music played in this video is written and owned by Shaun Kelly from Raw Technique Studios. The beats are available for purchase at