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Using only the stock Pro Tools plugins, see how Fab Dupont creates the full mix – In this excerpt, Fab shows you how to quickly set up a parallel drum compression bus aka Crush Bus for a super punchy drum mix!
Neste vídeo vamos mostrar as etapas de uma mixagem, ideal para quem está começando com pequenas produções ou montando seu home studio. Esse é o canal Coisa de músico, apresentado por Nelsinho Serratto, músico, produtor musical e proprietário do Studio NESS em Curitiba-PR. Nosso objetivo é criar um canal com tutoriais breves e objetivos, colabore conosco, deixe sua sugestão de tutoriais, inscreva-se e vc sempre estará atualizado sobre novos vídeos publicados. Siga-nos: Facebook: Site do estúdio: Twitter: @serrattoness
Comparativa entre Pro Tools y Pro Tools HD ¿Conviene la inversión? Fuentes de información: Facabook
In this video we look at how to color tracks in Pro Tools, and take a look at how the color palette works and how default track color settings effect our default track colors.    I will be using Pro Tools HD 12.5.2, but the procedure is the same for other versions of Pro Tools.    First, open the color palette. Either double-click on a color strip of a track, or go to WINDOW – COLOR PALETTE.     Choose TRACKS from the drop down, select your tracks, and choose your color. Be sure to activate the Color Tracks button if [More]
Como Grabar En Pro Tools – en 10 minutos. Más videos y artículos como este aquí en: En este video tutorial te vamos a enseñar a como grabar en pro tools en solamente 10 minutos. Ideal para todos aquellos que apenas se están familiarizando con el programa y quieren una manera rápida, clara y concisa de como empezar a grabar para plasmar sus ideas. ========================================­­=== **Da Click aquí abajo para SUSCRIBIRTE para más Videos:… ======================================= Audioproduccion Página dedicada a enseñar todo sobre la producción y post producción musical. Facebook:… Obtén nuestro Ebook Gratuito – “Las 10 [More]
How To Fly Hooks In Pro Tools- Pro Tools Tip Flying your song’s hook is the act of copying and pasting from one section to the other. This will save you time and energy in studio sessions as well as ensure consistent quality in your recordings. This video demonstrates how to fly the hook in Pro Tools using grid mode and without it. *************************************************** Check out the music video for this record! Lydia Caesa-r Walkin’ Away- About Me: Wavy Wayne is an Audio Engineer and Producer with over 10 years of industry experience working with some of the most [More]
Topics: MIDI track vs. instrument track, recording MIDI, editing MIDI, track, Xpand2 virtual instrument, quantizing, step input and clip repeats. Links: ✔ Amazon Affiliate Support: Go to and click the banner ✔ PayPal Donation: ✔ Twitter: ✔ Facebook: ✔ SoundCloud:
Follow Me on IG for more tips! *************************************************** How to EQ Vocals | Mixing in Pro Tools In this video we explore the 7 band fully parametric EQ in Pro tools. The techniques and controls discussed can be used on any DAW or EQ plugin you may choose and apply to any genre from hip-hop to blue grass. These are suggestions and you should always use your ears as your guide when mixing. “If it sounds good, it is good.” -Wavy *************************************************** About Me: Wavy Wayne is an Audio Engineer and Producer with over 10 years of industry experience [More]
Start creating a song Get started with composing, recording, editing, and mixing music with a free version of Pro Tools, the industry’s most trusted and used DAW. Download your free copy of Pro Tools | First at