Download the mix templates ➥ // In this video, David Glenn gives you an updated stereo buss masterclass on steroids // Part 1 of The Mix Template Series: // More videos on stereo buss processing:
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Instant access to every in-depth mixing course from Matthew Weiss: Mixing with EQ: Frequency ear training: How to use EQ to negotiate the relationship between an 808 and low sub rumble as well as general philosophy on static vs moving mixes aka letting the mix adjust to the arrangement. — Transcript: Hey, folks. Matthew Weiss here. Please don’t mind the bed in the back, I have some guests who are staying, so welcome to their bedroom! Anyway, I have some sad news. Unfortunately, I think that it’s time that I retire the www part of my intro. [More] // How to sculpt the perfect kick drum sound by splitting and processing the signal into different frequency regions. With: 4:22 // Without: 4:32 // A video on mixing with iZotope Neutron in a multi-buss mix setup. Frequency ear training app: // EQ tutorial: // A quick tip for helping a snare and kick drum cut through the mix after you’ve set up buss compression you like. Learn to use compression: // A video on peak vs RMS level. Instant access to every in-depth mixing courses from Matthew Weiss: — Transcript: This is going to be a quick crash course in peak vs RMS level. What they are, why we care, maybe why we don’t care. [kick drum] So we’ve got a kick drum, and it is peaking at -3.7 dB full scale. So what does that mean? Well, that means that the absolute loudest signal — or part of the signal in our kick drum — is hitting minus 3.7dBFS. Why do we care? No matter what kind [More]
Learn compression: Learn to mix hip-hop: Improve your ear: More mixing tips: An in-depth tutorial on phase. Is it timing difference or polarity? What about comb filtering? What is a linear phase EQ? Learn more here: — Tutorial Breakdown: Signal Phase – What’s the deal? – Why does it matter? – What tools are available? – In-phase vs. Out-of-phase? – “Kind of” In-phase? – “Sort of” Out-of-phase? Phase is complicated — Not just In-phase or Out-of-phase Signal processors can effect phase — Phase distortion Good news: humans cannot perceive signal phase differences in some cases [More]
A video on structuring a chord progression. The Workshop Series: // Matthew Weiss does a mix analysis for the song Chandelier by Sia. Get 25% off Advanced Mixing this week with the code LAUNCH25: — Transcript excerpt: Hey folks, Matthew Weiss here —,, and This is going to be an in-the-dark analysis, which means you’re going to get no visual component here at all, we’re just using our ears because that’s what we do when we are producing music. So this is going to be an analysis of Chandelier by Sia, mixed by Manny Marroquin. It is one of my favorite references to use for [More]