Music marketing is a moving target. As soon as one act has success with a new strategy, everyone is trying to replicate it. The music industry is at the cutting edge for some of these new developments, and brands are clamoring for authentic, credible content, but exclusives mean that bands are often being asked to create more in order to keep up with their obligations. Meanwhile, the growth of streaming has fundamentally changed consumer engagement from a 2-year album cycle, to an ‘always on’ mentality. The challenge for marketeers is to juggle high presales and week one numbers, whilst building [More]
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Create a Vision: When you know where you want to go, it makes creating the directions to get there far easier. Get the complete video series and companion book at Bobby Borg is a major label, DIY, and Indie recording/touring artist with over 25 years experience in the music industry. He is an adjunct professor of music business at Musicians Institute in Hollywood and UCLA in Los Angeles, the author of five Music Business and Marketing books that are used in major schools around the world. His website is
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Should your next release be a single or an album? Subscribe for more videos – Blog – Merchandise – ***************************************************** In this video, we discuss when you should be releasing singles and albums, and what’s better for your overall strategy. Should an independent artist release an album in 2017? Are singles better? Watch this video to find out. Got questions of your own? Join the Indie Club, our private Facebook community for independent musicians just like you: ***************************************************** Donate to the channel: ***************************************************** SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ABOUT: • Music Business • Contracts & Publishing [More]
As a music producer, recording artist, audio engineer, song writer, or even if you’re just trying to break out on YouTube it’s important to understand the proven strategies to become successful. Being amazing at your craft doesn’t guarantee financial success or industry recognition. The sooner you understand what’s really going on the better. I wish I would have known this when I first started… Want me to make a part 2? Leave a comment in the comments below and let me know! Shop Jusbi Apparel: Learn More Here: Follow me and hit me up: Instagram: Twitter: [More]
Why Labels Start Promoting Songs 3 Months Before Release Today we are making you smarter by talking about when you should start promoting a new song. That’s right, you need to start promoting it BEFORE release. Make the plan BEFORE the new song comes out. Music Marketing takes a lot of thought and planning. If you’re smart you will do the music marketing ideas that we talk about in this video. Contact music pr agencies months before you plan on releasing the record so that you can have a strategy for release! Sub To Justin Hunte’s Channel Link To [More]
In order to have success as a music producer, recording artist, youtuber, or writer we have to grow an audience which can be frustrating when first getting started. Not knowing how or where to find your first 500 fans can be pretty discouraging, but once you understand the proven formula of growing your fan base you’ll have no problem gaining tons of new fans in no time. Stop banging your head against the wall and start building a fan base. In this video I break down my proven strategy for growing an audience in 30 days. Shop Jusbi Apparel: [More]
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4 Steps for Independent Music Artists on How to Promote Your Music Successfully. There are many tips, but these are 4 effective and inexpensive ways for independent and artists with little budget. 1. Let Your Fans pick Your SINGLE 2. Distribute Your Single on Streaming Sites, iTunes, Apple, etc 3. Run Facebook Ads in Your Area & Target certain Listeners 4. Create Your Story and Push on Blogs Need any of the services listed in this video? Visit Our Site TODAY to get STARTED: Email: music promotion – how to promote your music online – music marketing