Student Portal If you’re interested in registering yourself or your child up for private music lessons please fill out the form found at the link above and I will contact you to schedule your lessons. Lessons are 30 minute one-on-one sessions either over Skype video OR in my home studio (if you’re local). Each lesson costs $25 and can be paid individually or billed monthly. There is no cost to register. You are only charged for any lessons delivered.
Want more? Join us! To learn how to build your own website from scratch using my favourite platform watch this video: Every now and then I get asked whether or not an artist or musician still needs a website in this age of social media we find ourselves living in. I still strongly believe that anyone trying to grow an audience and do business online still needs to have a central location that they OWN to act as a hub for their online presence. In this video I explain why and give you some actionable advice to help you [More] to download the entire Living Room Sessions EP for free 🙂