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If you work primarily with sampled sounds, virtual instruments, or any other electronic based music then this can help you.

One thing that seems to be lacking in some electronic productions is a human or organic element.

That musical piece that can be a bridge between your cutting edge sounds and something subtly familiar.

In this video I show you how to take a primarily electronic based production and “warm” it up with two simple moves.


RedJStudios says:

This is the exact video I needed! I just got an Akai Pro MPK mini mk II and was wondering about this stuff.

firstmile says:

Please teach us how to create that amazing VOCAL. it sounds like nothing you've ever done before.

sfh2video says:

I stumbled upon your channel today…way way helpful. Then got caught up in some of the music you're doing. I mean, the words and stuff…where are you coming from lyrically? I'm strongly into song lyrics, I know its not the point of your lessons…so I am just curious from that angle…your inspiration…depth. I know…crazy question…

Amazing videos…looking to apply these things to my own music in my home studio.

Thank you

Nathan Kaye says:

Such a great track!

偉立蔡 says:

Thank you for this video and your Guide, this inspires me huge and I'm already start to improving my songs.

Will Carter says:

That song is dope! well done

michaelreaper666 says:

Great video again.. Graham .. 🙂

beatsdddx says:

Kewl track it works! Nice snare sound also.

Hugo van Baal says:

Hey graham quick question here.I have the 2011 RODE NT1-A mic. Is this still a good mic to get professional vocal and guitar recordings with? love to hear back from you!

mario Cazares says:

Dang this sounds sick

Phoenix MatadorTV says:

Sounds great man

Matthew Watt says:

I'd say this isn't really a conventional electronic song, more of a rock song with different instruments. It's not necessarily beneficial to just throw guitar into some 90s Techno, if you see what I mean.
That said, the philosophy of adding more 'human' elements to an electronic track to add interest and make it more exciting, I can agree with.

Farhad My Black Rose says:

Sometimes when I sing back vocal I try to monitor it with a small Korg tuner, is that wrong?
BTW, I’m not a professional singer

Eye Wild says:

Who cares if it's organic or not, the track is irredeemable garbage.

Can't buy taste, i guess.

Fleep says:

I always add electric guitar lead parts. It brings back the human element in the song.

Black Excellence Productions says:

this kind of stuff applies to hip hop too.

Max Conrad says:

Say it ain't sooooooooooooooooooooo

Tiago Alvez says:

Amazing. Thank you for share this!

Jeremy Katz says:

huh, say it ain't so.

Diego Mejia says:

Hey, Graham, your videos are absolutely great! Very informative and valuable! In your video you keep saying "peppered in" or "tuck it under." Can you clarify this for me and others who might be wondering the same thing. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

Joseph Williams says:

Thanks Graham for the guide, I'm at the early stages of recording artiste from open mic nights. However I find they are not so interested in recording only doing live performance. Have you a tip in a video please share a link.

Epsilon-144 says:

lol meh…electronic is electronic. If you want to make cool new electronic music, you have enter into a new mentality of music and production entirely. It's completely different. cheers. Here are my new tunes: https://soundcloud.com/epsilonbeats

mikedoyleentertainment MikeDoyle says:

Excellent info, Graham!

ShalMusicFX says:

I also like to bring the organic feel into the song by playing instruments in with a MIDI controller, instead of just plotting them with my mouse.

Lynz says:

WOE this is awesome. shoutout to the "weezer" title of an audio file haha. I LOVE this song. I realized I naturally already add my guitars and vocal stacks to electronic songs since i started on guitar. Cool video!

True Fallacy says:

Love this. Great ideas, nice track too, vocal humanity vibe reminds me of Depeche Mode, very noice

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