A Quick Drum Buss Compression Trick

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http://mixthru.co // A quick tip for helping a snare and kick drum cut through the mix after you’ve set up buss compression you like.

Learn to use compression: http://learncompression.com


Dima Gorbunov says:

Looks like your kick & snare are still going to the drum bus and you, in addition to that feed them (dry kick n snare) to the master out. Did I understand it correctly?

Sam Knaak says:

Nice Matt! Thats a good one. Goin to use on my next mix. Thanks for the tip

Nico Holloman says:

What do you mean exactly when you say "I go from my snare and kick tracks directly to my outputs"? Does that mean you are not using parallel compression? If so, can you clarify exactly what you are doing?

ahmed latino says:

it is like bob horn more kick aux

taopagan says:

Love it! Seems so obvious…once it's been pointed out.

How Audio Works says:

Wouldn't parallel compression do the same? Or modify the send volume into your compression bus?

Dan Kleffmann says:

I'm literally in the middle of having this exact problem! Thanks, brother! I'll give this a shot.

kye903 says:

Does having the Drum bus and these additional sends arriving eventually at the same place not cause phase issues..?

If you did this in FL Studio it would have an aneurysm for just that reason.

Rude Jude says:

Great tips! Thanks! It might help if everybody was playing the same chords as well (check the second one in particular) 😉

Dave Thomson says:

he used a send to send the snare and kick to the stereo out's at a slightly higher volume

creative media says:

didn't understand what you did. anyway. 4 synths would be a problem, anyway. they're thick too
.. pan an eq to resolve it. you didn't explain what you did.

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