PLEASE LIKE & FAVORITE IF YOU LEARNED ANYTHING IT WILL HELP ME A LOT… Follow @Epik – @ReNard_Uberwood For mixing services & Questions MAKE SURE YOU CHECK O… What is side-chaining? How can it be used? I’m glad you asked! A side-chain is i tricky little feature that will allow you to do some pretty interesting things with your audio. In this quick tip, I explain some ways that I like to use side-chaining. Please feel free to add your techniques to the comments section.
Mixing hip hop legends like Jay-Z and Kanye, you learn a thing or two about how to make your mixes pop. Irko is that guy and he recently sat down with me to talk about his mixing approach. In this interview we cover some actionable stuff that you can implement in your mixes right away, including: – A hack to finishing mixes – The “Half dB Rule” – The biggest mixing mistake Irko used to make – How to know for sure that you’re making your mix better – And more… If you haven’t checked out Irko’s videos either, then [More]
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This is a detailed video showing how to Rout Audio in Pro Tools and have complete control over your mix. You will learn to route audio using buses, aux inputs, sends, audio tracks and more. Want to stay connected more often? Subscribe to my email list on my site at Like on FaceBook at Follow on Twitter at All music played in this video is written and owned by Shaun Kelly from Raw Technique Studios. The beats are available for purchase at
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To kick of the New Year, I’m challenging YOU to write, record, and mix a new song in one month. This is the final episode in a 5 part series of video tutorials covering the basics of producing a song in Pro Tools. Look for one each week in the month of January! For more articles about getting the most out of your home studio, go to
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In this video I review (with audio samples) two great microphones from Kel Audio. If you’re looking to add to your mic locker, it’s worth looking into some mics from Kel. For more tips, tutorials, and articles please visit