A selection of key editing tips in Logic Pro X, including different ways of zooming into and out of your project, using markers, naming and colouring your tr…
How To Mix Vocals In Pro Tools In this video, Ace Royal takes you through his process of mixing vocals in Pro Tools, displaying a plethora of techniques and tricks to maximize your mix quality. Subscribe for Daily Uploads ➕ http://bit.ly/SubToIMR Buy Drum & Sound Kits 💸 https://wavsupply.net/ Take and apply this same knowledge to your workflow and improve your ability to make beats. If you’re looking for more FL Studio tutorials or want to learn how to make beats, subscribe to our channel! New content is uploaded daily. ▶️ Follow Ace Royal Website 🌐 http://www.aceroyalbeats.com Twitter 🐦 https://twitter.com/AceIsRoyalty Instagram [More]
Learn how to clean up audio tracks in Nuendo and more about music editing software in this free instructional video. Expert: Shaun Waller Bio: Shaun Waller is a songwriter and a producer. Filmmaker: Richard Kennedy
Live Chat based on the webinar – http://www.waves.com/mixing-and-mastering-dance-music-for-clubs.
http://www.mixlessons.com MIDI has been around for over 2 decades yet it still seems mysterious to a lot of people. This video quick tip describes what MIDI is and how it can be used to improve your home studio productions. Remember: MIDI is not sound!
Airfield Audio Liminator Class Vintage-Style Analog Mastering Compressor Limiter
There is a formula to every classic song, and here it is. Presented by New York Life Subscribe To The Late Show Channel HERE: .\r\rThere is a formula to every classic song, and here it is. Presented by New York Life.\r\rThere is a formula to every classic song, and here it is. Presented by New York Life Subscribe To The Late Show Channel HERE:\r\r\r\rThe Kentucky native first got his start a decade ago as the lead singer of the bluegrass band, The Steeldrivers. But, he is perhaps best known as a songwriter for .
Download Your Free Songwriting Handout Now: https://berkonl.in/2w7aXEL It’s easy to see the imagery that songwriters use in the lyrics of country music, but in other types of music, it’s a little bit more difficult to pin down. In this free songwriting tutorial, songwriter and Berklee Online course author Andrea Stolpe covers 9 ways to use effective imagery in your song lyrics, no matter what genre of song you’re writing. Working from the age old “show, don’t tell” school of songwriting, and encouraging innovative experiments that range from sensory writing to changing the lyrical perspective of your song, Andrea uncovers a [More]
In this video we show you how to keep Logic Pro X running smooth with three easy steps! http://www.recordingconnection.com.
www.mixlessons.com A few episodes ago I published a video on recording a drummer under poor circumstances. In it, I used a Roland TD30 electronic drum kit to capture the MIDI performance. But what if you need to capture the drummer and don’t even have drums? Well, before you give up altogether, watch this video!