►► Get complete mix breakdowns, fresh multitracks, and live coaching with my membership program. Start your 30 day free trial here → http://DuelingMixes.com When it comes to mixing EDM or any kind of electronic music, there is one plugin that is more helpful than all the rest: a harmonic exciter. The subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) distortion, saturation, and harmonic content they add to your synths, keys, and drums go a long way to making your tracks pop out of the speakers and have more realism and bite. Today I want you to hear the difference that harmonic exciters [More]
www.marcorangel.mx / Descarga los Plugins Waves v9r12 y mira como se instalan en Pro Tools 10.3.2 Tener la Herramienta Pro Tools, Los Plugins de Waves, La Ca…
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Songwriting Tips | How To Write A Song
Why Labels Start Promoting Songs 3 Months Before Release Today we are making you smarter by talking about when you should start promoting a new song. That’s right, you need to start promoting it BEFORE release. Make the plan BEFORE the new song comes out. Music Marketing takes a lot of thought and planning. If you’re smart you will do the music marketing ideas that we talk about in this video. Contact music pr agencies months before you plan on releasing the record so that you can have a strategy for release! Sub To Justin Hunte’s Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMF7C3hqyVA4bvTb0x0cdHw Link To [More]
KP from Iceman Beats shows us how to quickly create a similar sound to that of a turntable powering off using pitch processing on our Cubase audio files.
4 Steps for Independent Music Artists on How to Promote Your Music Successfully. There are many tips, but these are 4 effective and inexpensive ways for independent and artists with little budget. 1. Let Your Fans pick Your SINGLE 2. Distribute Your Single on Streaming Sites, iTunes, Apple, etc 3. Run Facebook Ads in Your Area & Target certain Listeners 4. Create Your Story and Push on Blogs Need any of the services listed in this video? Visit Our Site TODAY to get STARTED: https://paradymmusicgroupshop.com/ Email: CasinoVideoPromo@gmail.com music promotion – how to promote your music online – music marketing
http://www.mixlessons.com What is side-chaining? How can it be used? I’m glad you asked! A side-chain is i tricky little feature that will allow you to do some pretty interesting things with your audio. In this quick tip, I explain some ways that I like to use side-chaining. Please feel free to add your techniques to the comments section.
http://www.mixlessons.com I often get asked about the best way to export an MP3 out of your DAW. In particular, Cubase. In this video I’ll show you how easy it is if your DAW supports it and what to do if it does not.
Pro Tools: How To Use Dithering | WinkSound