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About Andrea Stolpe:
Andrea Stolpe is a multi-platinum recorded songwriter, performing artist, and educator. She has worked as a staff writer for EMI, Almo-Irving, and Universal Music Publishing, with songs recorded by such artists as Faith Hill, Daniel Lee Martin, Julianne Hough, and others. Her own recorded output includes a solo release, “Breaking Even.” Andrea is the author and instructor of the course Commercial Songwriting Techniques, part of Berklee Online’s online songwriting program.

Her book “Popular Lyric Writing: 10 Steps to Effective Storytelling” describes how to apply a unique process for uniting our artistic voice with the commercial market. Andrea graduated with a degree in songwriting from Berklee College of Music. Andrea lives in Los Angeles with her husband, recording engineer Jan Teddy.

About the ASCAP EXPO:
The ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO is the first and only national conference dedicated to songwriting and composing. The event provides a unique opportunity for songwriters, composers, artists, producers, publishers – and those in the industry who support them – to come together in an unprecedented way to share their knowledge and expertise.
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About Berklee Online:
Berklee Online is the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, delivering online access to Berklee’s acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world, offering online courses, certificate programs, and degree programs. Call, text, or email an Academic Advisor today:
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PhuckHue2 says:

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

Sabrina Pena Young says:

Like how she talks about some details that other songwriters don't always chat about.

kalleklops klopsmann says:

i wonder after how many minutes the audience fell asleep….it took me 3 mmi……..yaaawn……chhrrrrrr

Remote God says:

One of the best lessons I've seen on modern commercial songwriting. Truly insightful analysis (and funny!), thank you for sharing, you seem like a great teacher 🙂

TheBentwrist says:

I have lost the will to live.

Eyetat says:

She seems like a nice person.

Arpinz says:

Well, I hate this song "Stand by me". Everyone sings it, it's boring.

Finn Bjerke says:

Very American.

Bob Aldo says:

Maybe this is why it has become extremely rare to hear an original melody anymore. People are just cobbling songs together from rules and formulas. Original melodies come from inspiration, not from preconceived notions.

Justin Masters says:

I write my lyrics first which is easier for me the one problem I have is structure.

Paul Romaine says:

this is great

Vanessa P says:

I can't write lyrics. I have NEVER been able to put words and music together. I can do one or the other, not both

webadage says:

Spending way too much time telling me what you're going to tell me instead of just telling me. I'm just saying.

John Doe says:

1. 10:30 Melodic motif (do you have a repeated motif that is repeated several times)
2. 12:46 Contrast

Karlos Badblood says:

i write a lot of songs. no one seems to listen. I don't go back in and work on them often. there is a list of songs stretchin back 20 years no one ever listens to.

Datanditto says:

Songwriting cant be taught in a class or a book.
In magic, master magicians may practice 1000 times before they'll even show another magician. Its been said one needs to write 1000 words a day for two years before a writer can begin to edit himself.
And so in songwriting it should fallow to at least write 1000 songs before you find your voice.

Mark Paul says:

A spliff makes all this comes out naturally. Wouldn't be the first time…

Totally Hott says:

she makes me want to write.

Ruben Hayward says:

No offence but I can't watch the rest of this video after 1:26. None of those problems are my problems. I know my problems. I didn't know those are problems people have. I'll keep my own problems to myself and figure it out. "I don't have anything to say" is a weird problem and that Shit is going to haunt me now. Go get a fucking donut or something if you don't have anything to say. Music is not the place to be ambivalent

Sheepdog Columbus says:

You need to go watch a seminar, titled "5 speaking tools that changes the time in which it takes you to get to the point".

Myrna Stallworth says:

my A D D is flaring.

Trinity Rose Official says:

I counted 4 tools with lots of sub tools did I miss something? 1. Melodic motif 2. Contrast 3. Harmony & groove (chord frequency) 4. Lyric

Sal Super says:

mit diesem ganzen analysieren und versuchen es gut zumachen woird das nie etwas

PhilipReesMelody says:

Understanding memorable melody has been a passion of mine for a long time. It is the most simple thing imaginable and yet creating a hit song is beyond so many – The art of repetition and contrast is, I agree, massively important.

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