Acoustic treatment vrs Sound proofing, what’s the difference?

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Andertons Music Store – Twitter — or Facebook — I get asked lots about this so I hope this quick video helps get the difference between the two across. Any questions, please ask! Take it easy all Stick out… Recorded and Produced by Paul ‘Stick’ Annis — Maplewood Studio http


modernrocks says:

Yo stick, i want to sound”proof” and then acousic TM.. on top, (for cheap) the room is for vocals only, and is 2m by 1m. If you type sound proofing on ebay there are lots of things from rubber foam to engine bay sound dampening ect, im happy to put 2 or 3 different layers to stop the vocals leaving the room, most important i dont want the mic to know the room is small so i need to capture some of the bassy vocals from returning back, what do you think might stop the sound dead the best??

maplewoodstudio says:

They are on eBay, search for acoustic tiles and look for the seller com4tex

titosrevenger says:

@maplewoodstudio You said you’d post the brand of the foam pads but you didn’t! What are they, where’d you get them, and for how much?

phillebeau says:


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