This lesson is the complete introduction to music theory for beginners. You will learn all of the basic building blocks you need to understanding music theory. I will break down music theory in terms of the relationships between notes (pitches). We will review intervals, keys, key signatures, rhythm, melody, harmony, how chords work, and the basics of chord progressions. Before you can understand theory, I recommend you know how to read music, what sharps and flats are, know what whole tones and semi tones are (half steps and whole steps), and the layout of the piano keyboard. Music theory isn’t [More] Click Here for More free Music Theory Tutorials and Downloads
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hi loves! i’ve made a few songwriting videos a while back on my channel before, but i’ve recently absorbed some new information about how your songwriting skills can improve! these questions were asked on an instagram post i made, so i hope this in-depth video answers a lot of your questions!!! Snapchat- caroline_dare
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Using only the stock Pro Tools plugins, see how Fab Dupont creates the full mix – In this excerpt, Fab shows you how to quickly set up a parallel drum compression bus aka Crush Bus for a super punchy drum mix!
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