Should your next release be a single or an album? Subscribe for more videos – Blog – Merchandise – ***************************************************** In this video, we discuss when you should be releasing singles and albums, and what’s better for your overall strategy. Should an independent artist release an album in 2017? Are singles better? Watch this video to find out. Got questions of your own? Join the Indie Club, our private Facebook community for independent musicians just like you: ***************************************************** Donate to the channel: ***************************************************** SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ABOUT: • Music Business • Contracts & Publishing [More]
► The Complete Songwriting Chord Guide: In this lesson I introduce you to the 7 modes and how they range from bright to dark. A mode is a scale like Major and Minor. However, there are different gradations of Major and Minor that create different moods. Songwriters can write songs in different modes. The modes are Lydian, Ionian, Mixolydian, Dorian, Aeolian, Phrygian, and Locrian. Interested in more training? Check out my courses and get big discounts for a limited time: Song Science: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs Song Science 2: The Complete Songwriting Chord [More]
How to Write A Song: Creating A Song Over A Guitar Riff | Songwriting | Tips & Techniques
Instant access to every in-depth mixing course from Matthew Weiss: // A video on thickening up thin rap vocals but also secretly a tutorial on being effective. — Transcript Excerpt: Hey, guys. Matthew Weiss here —,, and This is going to be a tutorial on how to thicken up some thin rap vocals. First of all, if rap is not really your thing, you’re still going to get something out of this, because sometimes we get vocals that need to be thickened up, regardless of the genre. The other thing is this is actually secretly [More]
Instant access to every in-depth mixing course from Matthew Weiss: // Tips for editing rap vocal doubles to a lead vocal. More video tutorials on mixing vocals: — Transcript: Hey guys! Matthew Weiss here —,, and This is going to be the first installment on a series on editing. We’re going to be talking about editing backing vocals to the lead vocals.Now, editing is something that we tend not to get too excited about, but it’s much like the fruits and veggies on our plate. It’s maybe not the most exciting thing in the [More]
Everything you need to know about live snare techniques is in this brand new ITL. You’re at the Place!
Dave talks with the winner of our last mixing competition to find out what he did to stand out. Take notes and enter our latest mix contest with Indaba Music here:
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