Ver demo y los detalles del producto: Desde que he sido miembro de mixlessons tenido la inspiración para las canciones que he grabado.sobre todo la de la del “yo lovin ‘realmente me han dado las herramientas que estaba buscando.las puntas de flujo de trabajo eran útiles porque normalmente acabo de empezar y pronto estaba perdido.pero ahora hay una estructura, pasos lógicos y separación de suena tan difícil que hizo una gran diferencia! mi plan es a los diez que he escrito y, los dejó dominar por un especialista y traerlo.¡quién sabe lo que va a pasar! , ¡gracias [More] How to mix music in your home studio One Of The TechMuze Academy’s Music Production Courses
Watch the entire API Routing and Functions session:–recording-techniques/89 View our entire catalog: Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools, Digital Performer and Logic are all built around the workflow of an analog mixing console. In this clip, seasoned engineer Mike Harris shows us how he’s set up a hybrid session to record a singer songwriter with 3 Large Diaphragm Condenser mics into Pro Tools using an analog API 1608 Console. Learn cool mic techniques for recording a singer songwriter and most importantly, watch as Mike explains to us how he’s utilizing the multiple routing options, found on Signature Sound’s [More]
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Do you use notches enough in your mixes? They’re my favorite new toy. 🙂
On today’s episode, we recap the Pensado Awards and interview winner of the Pensado A.I.R. Award, Chris Galland! Dave and Herb also discuss David Platilero’s journey back to health in the audio industry. Subscribe to our channel:… Please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’: Get your copy of The Pensado Papers: Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License // A video on compression attack time and the ways it can vary between different compressor plugins. More compression tutorials:
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Virtual drummers can be a great tool for the home studio musician provided you know how to make custom drum tracks to fit your song. Your recordings could sound a lot better. Here’s how: