TesseracT has a liberating approach to time signatures, so in this music theory lesson, you’ll learn their hack to magically change your song’s tempo without changing its BPM. But first… Tea! ►Free eBook: ►Apprenticeship Course: ►Songwriting & Producing PDF: ►TesseracT time signatures (Part 1): ►Listen to “Sonder” at: TesseracT band photos by Steve Brown Creative HACK 2: Dot the Pulse & Cross the Bar This hack is what TesseracT brilliantly use in the collosal opening and closing riff of Luminary, which is in D Phrygian (the dark mode). With this hack, TesseracT pull off one [More]
Learn scales on the guitar for 50% off: I sat down with smarty pants Adam Neely at Thomann Gearhead University to find out how much theory you actually need to learn, and what’s excessive. All episodes of Trey’s Theory corner: Adam’s channel: ___ The only guitar scales system you’ll ever need, 50% off: Subscribe to Gear Gods on YouTube: FOLLOW US:
Building an audience can be one of the most frustrating things ever when you’re getting started. Trying to figure out where to find your fans and then build a community around your music isn’t easy. There are a few key elements that will determine whether or not your work will ever get off the ground. Here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to build a music career. Dan’s Website: Dan’s YouTube Channel: Shop Jusbi Apparel: Learn More Here: Follow me and hit me up: Instagram: Twitter: SnapChat: @AdamIvy Facebook: Website: [More]
How to Write a Song like Pink Floyd… This week I listened to nothing but Pink Floyd and tried to write a similar rock song. I listened to their classics such as Dark Side of the Moon which is considered their most popular and influential album. I also had The Wall and Wish You Were Here rotating through my CD player while going from gig to gig. I studied the rhythm section led by Nick Mason, the guitar work of David Gilmour, as well as the glue of the band – Richard Wright on keys and synthesizer. I chose to [More]
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This video shows how to move sessions from Pro Tools to Studio One
Are you a singer? Have you got a microphone that is sitting around waiting for you to pick up and sing into? Pity the fool who thinks every vocal line you’ve ever heard was done in one single take. We’ll use the UR22mkII Recording Pack to demonstrate how easy it is to pick a microphone up and record a huge vocal track in Cubase. We’ll show you every trick in the book including vocal doubling, mixing and using reverb, compression, delay and distortion (yep… we said distortion) to take a simple vocal track and propel it out into the vocal [More]
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