Check out my Website where you can find handouts and other videos about basic music theory and much more! Table of Contents Intro: 0:00 Sharp Rule Without Key Signature: 1:08 Sharp Rule With Key Signature: 4:47 Flat Rule Without Key Signature: 7:08 Flat Rule With Key Signature: 10:15 Minor Key Signature: 12:30 Examples: 15:39 Scale Degrees: 21:28 Harmonic & Melodic Minor Scales: 26:04 Interval Definition & Types of Intervals: 30:55 Calculating Intervals: 36:12 Chromatic Intervals: 40:08 Compound Intervals: 47:41 Conclusion: 50:05 How to use the circle of fourths (or fifths) as a framework to play all your scales, unlocking vital skills like playing by ear, transposing, altering your chords, and improvising. [piano / keyboard tutorial]
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There is a cool colorcoding feature in Cubase, showing you which notes are within a given scale. Check it out… Created with Movie Studio Platinum
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In these videos I’ll be working my way through ABRSM Music Theory Grades 1-5. You can get the papers I’m using from For more like this, join Dave at for the full collection of videos and interactive exercises.
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