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⬇⬇⬇ Clic sur “Plus” pour tous les détails du tutoriel ⬇⬇⬇ Ce tutoriel est consacré au séquenceur Pro Tools 12 d’Avid. Vous allez apprendre à vous servir de Pro Tools 12 dans les meilleurs conditions. ► Présentation de Pro Tools 12 (Extrait gratuit) ► Les paramètres de Pro Tools 12 (Vidéo part 11) ► Aperçu des menus ► Les différentes pistes de Pro Tools 12 ► Changer les réglages de session ► Configuration du moteur de lecture (Vidéo part 12) ► Les entrées et sorties ► La fenêtre Edition (Vidéo part 13) ► La Timeline (Vidéo part 14) ► La [More]
►► Download the Mixing Checklist and stems for “Southern Road” here: Check out The Lack Family and more of their music at:
Tutorial video that outlines the basics of music theory and harmony for beginners.
We’re discussing the art of tracking with Mixer/ Engineer / Producer Bob Horn. You’re at The Place! Imsta Festa Chicago: Wednesday July 18th / 2:30pm – 4:00pm @ Westlake Pro (North Hollywood) – Dave will be answering questions about amphion speakers. Stay in the know on all upcoming events at 1500 Sound Academy: Information on classes at The Blackbird Academy: Subscribe to our channel:… Please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’: Special thank you to our sponsors! 1500 or Nothin’: The Blackbird Academy: Avid: Westlake Pro: Fab Factory: Warm Audio: [More]
What’s the best software for music production? In this video I go over the big three, Ableton, Pro Tools and Logic Pro X and where I feel they each have their own benefits. If you have specific things that you’d like to see in future video’s, please leave comments below! Also, feel free to follow me on instagram @soundandpatterns! LINKS TO SOFTWARE :: PRO TOOLS :: LOGIC PRO X :: ABLETON LIVE 10 :: THE CAMERA I USE TO FILM THESE VIDEOS :: THE MIC I USE :: THE FANCY LIGHTS I USE :: [More]
Support me on Patreon! Learn how the build and drop in modern EDM is actually just the same as dominant prolongation in classical Sonata form, and how music theory should be celebrated as a means of understanding all music, regardless of style or geographic origin. I’d like to thank all of the teenagers of the world commenting on guitar forums for the inspiration behind this video. Without you, none of this would be possible. Peace, Adam
Hack Music Theory is exploding on YouTube (thank you!), and to celebrate, we’re launching what’s arguably our most helpful video series yet. Watch this if you want to eliminate the debilitating problem of Writer’s Block forever. But first… tea! 1:24 What is Writer’s Block? 3:25 STEP 1: Chords 4:10 White-Note Hack 6:28 STEP 2: Emotions 11:50 Root Chord Explained 14:10 STEP 3: Chord Progression 22:38 STEP 4: Making Chords Flow 27:15 STEP 5: Rhythm 36:21 Piano Example 37:09 Final Example ********** ►Online Apprenticeship: ********** BOOK & PDF: ►Hack Music Theory, Part 1: ►Hack Music Theory for Songwriting & [More]
Hanging out with Corey from 12tone, Sideways and 8-bit Music Theory, talking music theory and stuff. 12tone: Sideways: 8-bit Music Theory: