We did the setup of the project in the last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEN-wMh_G20 Now it’s time for a full mix. See my process mixing a Pop Rock Song from start to finish. Listen to the result: https://soundcloud.com/lanoi-workshops/mix-1 What you’ll get a glimpse at: random approach at mixing, gain staging, panning, Compression, Parallel Compression, transient design, … Native instruments Session Drummer Good headphones are recommended to hear some of the finer adjustments. See you next week! By the way, these are my first attemps at doing this, so apologize my random approach and me trying to translate my thoughts into real words…
Famed from day one for its MIDI editing toolset, Cubase now offers even more tools and options when manipulating MIDI data, with added tools for both the Key and Drum Editors. Find out more at www.steinberg.net/cubase85
This video places focus on the Quick Control functionality inside of Cubase. You can control almost any parameter with an external MIDI controller which is extremely handy when wanting to control both instruments and inserts for recording, and even handier (get it?) for live performers wanting to take their Cubase rig out on the road. We look at the different types of Quick Controls, how to set up your Quick Controls with an external device in the device menu, and the different ways you can use Quick Controls to control parameters and automation inside of Cubase.
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Here are 23 useful tricks and tips to incorporate into your Pro Tools 11 and Pro Tools 10 mixing, mastering and recording sessions, including common, uncommon and “hidden” features. This video was made using Pro Tools 11 but I’m sure these tips will work in earlier versions too! Often times we may think we are pros at something, but you can’t learn what you don’t know you don’t know (if you get what I’m saying). If even intermediates and experts end up learning at least one new tip or trick from this video then I’ll be happy! If you need [More]
Como exportar la mezcla final en Pro Tools. Más videos y artículos como este aquí en: http://www.audioproduccion.com/ Te enseñamos las 3 maneras para “Exportar la mezcla final en Pro Tools” realmente un proceso sencillo y fácil de aprender. ========================================­­=== **Da Click aquí abajo para SUSCRIBIRTE para más Videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/Audioproduc… ======================================= Audioproduccion Página dedicada a enseñar todo sobre la producción y post producción musical. http://www.audioproduccion.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/audioproducc… Obtén nuestro Ebook Gratuito – “Las 10 Necesidades Básicas Para Un Estudio De Grabación” Aqui: http://www.audioproduccion.com/herramientas-gratis/ Visita nuestra academia aquí: http://www.audioproduccionacademy.com…
http://www.homestudiocorner.com/askjoe170 Early this year I posted a called “Sloppy 2016.” I talked about how I just want to create cool stuff in 2016. I don’t care if it’s perfect. I’d rather it be sloppy and public than perfect and private. I’m not advocating poor music and laziness. I’m fighting against the tendency to make everything perfect. I don’t want to create perfect music, I want to create good music. More than that, I believe perfection sometimes comes at the expense of authenticity. I want my music to reflect who I am, flaws and all. That’s why I don’t use AutoTune. [More]
Learn more music production techniques on our online Diploma courses :: http://ow.ly/ZCzbe Point Blank instructor Alex Phountzi demonstrates how to use Alchemy as a sampler in Logic Pro X, with some cool sequencing techniques. Point Blank is The Global Music School, with courses in London, Los Angeles and Online. Voted ‘Best Electronic Music School’ by DJ Mag, learn Ableton or Logic via our online courses or in our state-of-the-art studios in London or LA :: http://www.pointblanklondon.com
A few months ago, when Grammy winner Jacquire King (Kings Of Leon, James Bay, Mutemath) told me he was transitioning to mixing all in the box, I knew I had to get him to share his approach with you. Last week he graciously sat down with me to talk in detail about his mixing approach and philosophy, specifically how he starts a mix when working in the box. In this action packed interview Jacquire walks you through his mix buss approach, a secret trick he uses to gain stage and get the low end of his mix perfect, as well [More]